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Chapter 1 (1952-1958)

Our first chapter sees us digging through the solemnity of the 1950s to discover how the popular music of the era reflected the changing mores of the time. Starting with Johnnie Ray’s emotional howler “Cry”, we watch as traditional pop music mingles increasingly with the rock and rollers, enticing more and more girls and boys to let their hair down, before finishing up at the first Australian #1 of note in 1958. Along the way: ghostly choirs, pizza pies, and a putrid Christmas song that we scream a lot at. It’s gonna be fun!

If you’d like to read our thoughts on a particular song, simply click on the link, and you’ll be taken through to our review. Scores on this page are arranged in alphabetical order: first Chamois, then Liz, with the reviewer’s score bolded.

(Note: in the 1950s, it was quite common for multiple versions of the same hit to reach #1 in Australia, which would then all be counted towards one song. For most of these occasions, we’ve reviewed the version which had the greatest success elsewhere — so for instance, we chose The Four Aces’ version of “Tell Me Why” (#2 on Billboard) over Eddie Fisher’s version (#7 on the same chart), much to Liz’s chagrin.)







7 January

18 February

31 March

Score (C / L)

5 / 6

8 / 7

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